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February 2021 Newsletter

We hope 2021 will be a new beginning for us all.

As part of that, we are looking forward to developing the JRAN Network and identifying ways that we can work together and support each other. This is your network and we want to make sure that whatever we do meets your needs.

We're pleased to let you know that the JRAN website is now live! This provides information about who we are and what JRAN does.

We hope you’ll find it helpful as the year progresses.


From Our Members: News & Opportunities

Do you know a refugee in the UK interested in starting their own business?

Project Siree offers free mentorship, online training, networking opportunities and advice.They would love to hear from anyone who is interested at:

Find out more about Project Siree


JRAN is delighted to be working with IMIX. They offer free media and communications advice to the migration sector in the UK, working with everyone from the established, national charities to grassroots, volunteer led organisations and individuals with lived experience. The types of work and subjects IMIX cover is varied, from EU citizens to the Windrush generation, refugees / asylum seekers and people who are undocumented.

The kinds of support IMIX offer include, but is not limited to:

  1. Training – messaging, media / comms basics, interview prep, crisis comms, social media, etc.

  2. Media engagement – helping individuals / organisations to respond to media requests safely and successfully. Also enabling individuals / organisations to engage the press about a story / campaign, etc.

  3. Campaigns / Strategy – providing advice / support for media / comms elements of campaigns / new strategies.

Find out more:

Visit the IMIX website. Check out twitter @IMIX_UK or email:

*IMIX are a small team, so may take a little while to get back to you.


Joint statement: Choose Love have taken the lead on a joint statement that warns about the risk of thousands of refugees in Greece facing homeless or destitution during winter months and a global pandemic. This risk comes from changes in Government policy and the absence of any strategy for integration and how to deal with homelessness. Read the full statement.


Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI) is looking for Arabic & Farsi speaking therapists.

Based upon the feedback from the group, RTI intends to establish more therapeutic, trauma-informed psycho-education groups for asylum seekers and/or refugees living in Greece. Each group will consist of 6 – 8 members who will meet weekly on Zoom, facilitated by a group therapist.

Read the full job description.


An exciting, fully funded opportunity is now available for young refugees on the One to One Future Leaders Programme which is being offered through JRAN.

One to One has teamed up with CIRCL to deliver a series of coaching and communications skills workshops over six months. Programme graduates will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Professional Leadership’ from CIRCL. This is a wonderful opportunity for a young refugee in your organisation to develop their career and become a coach/mentor for their peers.

Please apply by the end of February 2021.

Email: for more details.

Click on the flyer below to find out more.


JRAN updates

1. New Year - New Forum

We are hoping to bring the JRAN Network together again for a half day forum in early Spring. Covid-19 has identified many challenges for our sector and we want to provide an opportunity for experiences and best practice to be shared. If you would like to speak at the forum, please contact us

We will send out more information in the weeks ahead, so keep a look out. Watch a recording of Elif Shafak, award-winning British-Turkish novelist, at the first JRAN forum.


2. What we've been reading

We’ve been reading Tortoise Media’s in-depth coverage of the realities of asylum and immigration in the UK, and the stories of people who come here to seek sanctuary. Including a newscast on journeys across the Channel and life in the Napier barracks and a reading list for people interested in the issues covered in the series.


3. Reminder: This is YOUR network!

If you have ideas or thoughts or something that you'd like to share with the network then please do be in touch and email steering group member, Juliet at:

We're looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing JRAN grow and develop. We have set up a Steering Group and working groups which are looking at ways to address some of the key issues that arose from the forum. If you'd like to be involved in either of those we'd love to hear from you!

Interested in becoming a member? Find out who has joined and how you can join.

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